C. Gerona, Esquina C. Cuenca, Benidorm

Come and watch sports on our giant screens

Immerse yourself in the excitement of football and fun at Tiki Sports: Giant screens and cheap beer in Benidorm!

If you're looking for an exciting and vibrant place to enjoy football surrounded by a festive atmosphere, look no further than Tiki Sports, the most popular sports bar in Benidorm. With its giant television screens and selection of affordable beers, this place is a sports fan's paradise and the epicenter of fun in Benidorm.

In the heart of Benidorm, Tiki Sports presents itself as an authentic sanctuary for those who love to witness every detail of thrilling football matches in a lively environment. The enormous television screens adorning the bar immerse you in the action, creating an experience almost like being at the stadium. Whether you follow local tournaments or international leagues, here you can enjoy every exciting moment as if you were in the front row.

The atmosphere at Tiki Sports is contagious. The energy felt in the place is palpable, and the camaraderie among the fans makes each match an unforgettable experience. Imagine celebrating a goal in the midst of a group of strangers who instantly become friends, sharing the same passion and excitement for football.

In addition to the thrilling sports projections, Tiki Sports offers an extensive selection of beverages, including local and international beers at cheap prices. Best of all, everything is available at pocket-friendly prices, allowing you to fully enjoy the experience without worrying about the cost.

If you're looking for a place where the excitement of football combines with giant screens and cheap beer, Tiki Sports is the perfect destination in Benidorm. The passion for sports, the festive atmosphere, and the shared emotions make this sports bar unique. So gather your friends, come to Tiki Sports, and enjoy the most thrilling football moments while experiencing the true essence of sports!