C. Gerona, Esquina C. Cuenca, Benidorm

Tiki Grill Menu

Beef tataki, veal churrasco, different sausages, iberian pork filet, black pudding, chicken & english bacon.
15,00€/per person
Minimun 2 persons.
1/2 porcion 1 porcion
Acorn-fed iberian ham 18,90€
Cold meat board
(Acorn-fed iberian ham and pork loin, cheese)
Cheese board 14,90€
Beef fillet carpaccio 9,50€
Nachos 4,60€ 9,50€
Scrambled eggs with ham(eggs, potatoes, iberian ham and smoked sweet paprika) 4,80€ 9,90€
Fried cheese
(with cranberry jam)
4,80€ 9,50€
sauteed mushrooms 4,80€ 9,50€
Spicy potatoes brava stile 4,20€ 9,50€
Jacket potatoes 7,90€
Homemade croquettes 4,80€ 9,80€
Garlic bread 1,75€/ud.
Bread 1,00€/unidad
1/2 porcion 1 porcion
Mixed salad
Lettuce, tomato, carrot, beet, sweet corn, tuna and hard-boiled egg
4,90€ 8,90€
Goat cheese salad
Mix of lettuces, goat cheese, cherry tomato, fresh apple, bacon and our special honey and mustard sauce
5,50€ 10,50€
Caesar salad
Lettuce, crispy chicken, croutons, cheese and our caesar sauce
5,50€ 10,50€
Mixed grilled vegetables 6,50€ 12,90€
Fish and chips
Freshly breaded cod with chips and mushy peas
Tuna tataki 16,50€
Grilled croaker 14,50€
Entrecot beef tenderloin 15,90€
Sirlon steak 20,90€
Sirlon steak with foie 22,90€
Iberian pork fillet steak 14,50€
Pork meat sword 500g
Marinated with spices and papper
Chicken meat sword 500g
Marinated with honey and rosemary
Lamb meat sword 16,50€
BBQ pork ribs iberian 1Kg 14,90€
Tiki burguer
200g of beef with lettuce, tomato, cheese, bacon and fried egg
Tiki burguer gourmet pollo
Chicken burguer, basil mayo, chedar and pickles
Each meat comes with homemade potatoes, your choose fried or roasted.
Ordered how you prefer it: Rare, medium, medium-well or well done
Chuleton beef steak 1Kg 19,90€
Extra french fries 2,90€
Extra roast potatoes 2,90€
Extra potatoes tiki 3,90€
Bbq sauce, peppecorn sauce, gravy sauce, roquefort cheese sauce. 2,00€
Chicken breast 8,90€
Tiki burguer 8,90€
Spaguetti bolognese 8,90€
Drink and surprise.
Lasaña Tiki 8,90€
Pizza Tiki Beach
Tomato, salmon, capers and mascarpone
Pizza Tiki City
Tomato, chicken, bacon and mushrooms
Pizza Tiki Town
Tomato, spinach, bechamell and parmesano
Pizza Tiki Grill
Tomato, mozarella and basil
Cranberry cheesecake
With homemade jam
Homemade chocolate brownie
With chocolate ice cream
Dessert of the day 4,50€

Establishment with information available on food allergies and intolerances.

Please ask our staff for information. Thank you very much.